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Boca Raton Chamber Newsletter: Hiring the right people for your organization - an invaluable service
May, 2001    by:   WriteMatch.com

There are a number of ways an organization may choose to structure their employee hiring process. Usually, this includes resume evaluation, in person interviews, and in some cases psychological testing will be used.

For each of the aforementioned methods, there is one fundamental concept that does not exist; complete objectivity and spontaneity!!! Resumes can be easily manipulated. Interviews can be carefully planned for and rehearsed ahead of time. Psychological testing consists of a series of written questions that the job candidate can think about prior to answering.

writematch analysis… the professional writematch analyst (a.k.a., graphologist), evaluates each writematch sample without ever meeting the prospective employee keeping the evaluation completely unbiased and objective. Legally, it is not required that the candidate know that their writematch is being evaluated. The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that a person's writematch is public domain. Thus the spontaneity remains. The above substantiates the reasons that writematch analysis is such a valuable tool in the screening process.

What are the legal considerations that an organization should be aware of when using writematch analysis? An organization will remain within the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) guidelines if the following fundamental hiring practices are maintained: The organization must not discriminate by treating any minority group unfairly. The organization is required to limit the collection of information about a prospective employee to the job at hand. This can be done if the organization provides a job description and specific skill sets that apply for the job description to the writematch analyst with the writematch sample. It is equally important that the organization omit giving any personal information (e.g., gender, age, etc.) to the writematch analyst. Is writematch analysis legally sound? Yes, it is legally sound from an employee screening perspective when the organization and the writematch analyst stay within the fundamental framework discussed above.

Resumes and interviews should still remain an integral part in the employee hiring process. By taking the extra step to evaluate the underlying qualities (e.g., integrity level) and skill sets (intelligence and judgement, motivation level, competitiveness, communication skills and social effectiveness) of a prospective employee, substantial cost savings will occur by hiring the right person the first time around.